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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 9, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the seven charges she faces. a conviction on any of them would put her out of office. wjz has complete coverage. mike has a closer look at the impact of the jury selection but first mary bubala. >> reporter: hi, sally. it's been a significant day for mayor dixon and the city of baltimore with the criminal trial beginning. jury selection is expected to last two days. on a day she normally would helped into city hall, mayor dixon arrived at circuit court to officially become a criminal defendant dent. >> it's a trial that may be the biggest trial that we have seen in baltimore in quite some time. >> reporter: dixon was indicted on charges she stole hundreds in gift cards intended for the poor. the prosecutor began the investigation in 2 house 6. in -- 2006. in june of 2008 a search and
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seizure warrant was executed at her home. the investigation intensified when the mayor's former boyfriend, a prominent city developer agreed to testify against her. he was one of two developers who bought and donated those gift cards. >> he obviously has agreed to cooperate, he has cooperated and we expect him to continue. >> reporter: the mayor said the investigation is a waste of time and money. >> reporter: today she made her position official. before 10:00 a.m., she stood before the judge. the lead defense attorney says the mayor is pleading not guilty to each and every of the seven counts. late in the afternoon the first pool of potential jurors were brought in. they were asked many questions including if after seeing reports in the media about mayor dickson, the you form an opinion of her guilt or innocence and can you put those opinions aside. as mayor dickson looked out at them, 21 jurors raised their hand and said no. an equal number of jurors
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raised their hands when they said had they been a victim of theft in the city. mayor dickson is on trial for theft. also, no one said they would have a negative view of the mayor if she did not take the stand in her own defense. at this hour, the judge is releasing the jurors who have been in the courtroom all day. he wants them back at 9:00 a.m. to begin the process all over again. not one juror has been selected yet. they say this should take 1 to 2 to 3 days. back to you. >> thank you. live complete coverage continues with mike. he is here to tell us more about the high profile trial and role the jury pl play. >> reporter: both prosecutors and the mayor's defense team are being given little information about the prospective jurors, the selection process is part intu issue shoond part science -- intuition and part science. perhaps the most important part is picking the jurors.
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the mayor appears engaged in that process. >> at the end of the day, this case is all about sheila dickson and it will be won or lost based on her. >> reporter: but law professor andrew levy says jurors can be wildly unpredictable. certain individuals are more likely to be sympathetic to you than others. there is no way to know for sure how any individual juror is going to vote. >> the mayor's high profile makes it more difficult. in a case where race and politics play key roles, the republican prosecutor is accused of being on a witch hunt. >> i think it's possible that jurors will come into this thinking that there is a -- that race was involved in choosing to go after the mayor and going after the mayor the way they did. but it's my hope that citizens will be able to look at the facts of the case. >> reporter: another factor, the ugly nature of the charges.
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stealing gift cards meant for her city's most needy. how the mayor projects herself in and out of court is most critical. >> the jury is looking at them trying to pick up a silent cue to who they are and how they think. sheila dix zone, being a public -- dixon, act public identifying will be on stage the whole time. >> reporter: judge sweeney has wide latitude in dismissing jurors that he feels are biased. the whole selection process should go a bit faster. >> thank you. stay with wjz all week for complete coverage of the trial. mary bubala and a team of reporters will follow every
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aspect of this case. history will be made tomorrow when john allen mohammed is put to death. he will be executed by lethal injection for his role in the 2002 sniper attacks. mohammed's attorneys made a final appeal to the supreme court but it was too little too late. >> the denial came down a few hours ago. the justices didn't offer any explanation but they didn't have to. right now john allen mohammed sits on death row. his execution by lethal injection appears imminent, scheduled for tuesday. the supreme court decided not to file an appeal. >> he has schizophrenia, brain damage and he's got neurological deficit. >> reporter: a defense psychologist linked it to his service in the gulf war. >> he returned from the gulf
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war and was experiencing splitting headaches that were accompanied by disorientation. >> reporter: but after leaving ten people dead in a shooting spree, victims' families have little if any sympathy. >> what mohammed did was inhumane. he deserves to die. he killed so many innocent people. >> reporter: the family of dean myers shot in the head while filling up his car agreed. >> we don't consider that there is any winners in this. we are not ready to celebrate his death. >> reporter: bob myers will be one of the witnesses who believes justice will be served. the last option for mohammed would be clemency from virginia governor. >> thank you. wjz will bring you complete coverage of the execution.
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vicar tear will cover it from virginia. a vmi cadet from maryland dropped dead after a kriewlg march leading many to question the training procedures. denise has more. >> reporter: the death prompted the virginia military institute to review the training activities to decide whether any changes should be made. 19-year-old john evans and other members of the freshmen class completed a 10-mile training march saturday. evans collapsed in the barracks room shortly after. he comes from the howard area of highland county. he gave no indication of trouble during the march. his cause of death has not been determined. >> students must meet medical standards before they are admitted to the school. tropical storm ida has its sights set on the golf
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gulf coast. drew levinson reports. >> reporter: tropical storm warnings along the gulf coast are not keeping some people away. >> i'm taking sand home with me. >> reporter: these two are visiting from missouri. they came down here with visions of taking beauty shots to put on their walls back home. >> i was hoping to get the blue sky and bluer water and this is not quite what we expected. >> reporter: oliver lancaster knows what to expect? katrina almost destroyed his biloxi home. he knows ida is no katrina but he still pulled down everything he could. >> in case it comes. >> reporter: despite ida weakening, the governor in mississippi and florida and alabama declared a state of emergency. and in louisiana, ida is beginning to stir the surf. crews on grand isle are using bulldozers to shore up a levee.
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>> we clan on working through the night. >> reporter: most residents don't seem worried about this storm. >> it's not that bad. they say i'd coming into colder water, so, we have to see where it goes. >> reporter: where it goes is what weather watchers want to know. as this late season storm approaches the gulf coast. in biloxi, mississippi, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> we are closely tracking the path of ida. >> the big news with the storm is not necessarily how strong it got, to a category 2 hurricane but how strong it was this late in the season. hurricane season goes until november 30th so we are still officially in it. we don't usually see it this late. you can see the bands of heavy rain making their way into the gulf coast. the reds and oranges is the gusty winds and rainfall rates
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over an inch an hour in some cases. that is impressive. the latest statistics, it's not on shore yet but as you can see it approaching all of that bright orange and the circle down to the south of it, that is the center of the storm. association it's probably not until the overnight hours that it will make its way on shore as a strong tropical storm. lit possibly weaken a little more. you can see from basically mississippi over to the florida panhandle is in the line of the landfall. then after that it will drift to the northeast and in our forecast. a rough day for ravens fans after a crushing loss to cincinnati. sports director is live at with more on how the team and fans are reacting. >> the ravens were mile high after they beat denver, then the let down in cincinnati. a downer for the team and
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ravens fans watching on tv and those who traveled to ohio. >> reporter: the bengals struck with a one, two punch that left the ravens wheeling. on cincy's second possession, another march through the defense capped by cedric benson's touchdown. the ravens never recovered. they got a td run in the fourth quarter you but that's all the ravens would get. in position for three points after that but steve missed what seemed to be an easy field goal. the ravens were off the mark in a disappointing 17-7 set back. >> this was frustrating. this was frustrating. i'm not going to be nieve. it's frustrating. but in this league, if you stay
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frustrated, you will be frustrated all season. >> eight games left. we have to come out swinging. we have to get winds and play catchup. >> obviously there is a lot less room for error. the margin is smaller. but we realize that and we realize how big every game will be from here on out. midway through the season the ravens were looking at an uphill climb to make the play- off. with our fan cam, we asked about the play-off hopes. >> they need to step up on the defense and need to protect the quarterback. >> no play-offs, not this year. >> maybe next year but not this year. you need a pass rush before you can get there. >> it will take a lot to get us to the play-offs. we have to play like we are capable of playing but somebody else has to play poorly. >> a bit of a role reversal,
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bengals in first place. more coming up in sports. the ravens are on monday night football one week from tonight. that he on the clefltd browns next-cloastled browns next monday night. we are nearing the end of a warm november monday. take a live look outside. the clouds ever rolling in the next couple of days. bob has the current conditions and your updated forecast from the first warning center. >> radar is clear. clouds around. 72 west of washington. we dropped to the low to mid- 60s, a bit 6 a southeast-off a bit of a suit east wind kicked -- southeast wind kicked in. we will talk about the chance of light rain and the temperatures that will fall in a few minutes. >> thanks. still ahead at 5:00, fire claims the life of an elderly
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woman. tonight we learn she was a treasured member of her baltimore community.
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celebrity cruises launches another ship from the port of baltimore. pat warren has more on how
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tourism is affecting the maryland economy. >> reporter: the 1800 passengers about to leave on the celebrity mercury for a 12 day cruise are living proof. nothing says cruise like a cocktail unless it's the food. setting sail from the port of baltimore makes these native happier for the less than an hour travel time it takes to get here. >> 15 minutes. i didn't have to get on an airplane. >> we went to new york before. that's the pits. you got to get on a bus or have someone drive up there. baltimore offers everything. >> reporter: this is the inaugural cruise from the port of baltimore. >> we have entertainment. this ship is sold out. >> reporter: the price is right for those who need to spend less on their vacation. >> i think in general it's had
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an impact on everything for the most part. our ships sell out full. i think again we have a vool yiew proposition for -- value proposition for vacation. cruising is one of the best values. >> reporter: the value to the maryland economy is considerable. >> $63 million last year to $152 million this year and increase in jobs as well. >> reporter: and wishing everyone a bon voyage. >> looking forward to it. would you like a beverage? >> reporter: 27 cruise ships left the port of baltimore last year. this year it's 81. reporting live from the port of baltimore, i'm pat warren. celebrity has 12 cruises leaving from the port of baltimore. if you are waiting for somebody to get home from work. let's check on the roads. >> hello, sharon. >> we are still not doing too badly. just a few problems to talk
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about, including the truck fire that captain mike terry showed at south monroe and washington boulevard. there were lanes blocked there. wreck on the east side outer loop at 702 and a few in the city, a few minor ones. there is a look at drive times and your speeds. top side of the beltway, only delays on the inner and outer loop. showers between 83 and 95. 39 miles per hour, 15-minute drive time. west side running close to full speed. carpet one is having a year end sale ending november 21st with up to 55% off on the largest selection of flooring. back over to you. >> okay. thank you. >> spring is back. it will cool down. we will tell you when in a
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minute. temps are mild. no rain around the region. not in the near future. 63. 55%
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gorgeous weekend. started off nice today. we have clouded up. on the mild side. take a look at the temps. how warm do you think it got? 72 degrees, yes. the record is 78 back in 1994. the normal average is 59. this morning it was chilly, 39 and the average, though, is down to 36. the record low at 25 degrees. around the region, 63 now. 63 washington. 58 ocean city. cooler by the water. 58 out in oakland. 61 in cumberland. winds out of the south. they have been south southwest. the last 24 hours brought us warm air. there is a front off to the north and west.
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this will slowly approach tomorrow. it will kick out the warm air slowly but surely as high pressure moves in. the moisture down to the south may get into virginia. we may be close, at least on the northern edge of rain here by late tomorrow night and wednesday. some of that tropical moisture, particularly across the carolinas where they get more rain n. our part of the world, it will be close. north and west, we dont won't see a lot -- we won't see a lot of rain as the front kicks off. it will be breezy. we will get wind off the ocean and that will help to cool temperatures down. all the moisture moving into florida now and alabama, mississippi. along the gulf coast, 4, 56 inches of rain is likely. you can see the clouds moving in. most of this is high clouds that have been thickening and lowering by tomorrow night. that's why we have a chance of getting rain in here. north winds 5 knots light becoming northeast later on.
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bay temp 58 degrees. tonight rather cloudy, mild, 45 degrees. tomorrow 66. mild. late tomorrow night, early wednesday, a chance of rain, nothing or a quarter inch. depends on the track of the low and how strong that high is up to the north. but probably plan on a little rain wednesday and much cooler, in the 50s. >> okay. not so horrible. >> not at all. thanks, bob. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, fallout from fort hood. with the suspect alive and speaking, investigators plan their next move. ♪ ♪
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63 degrees, cloudy out there. welcome home, everybody. a case of mistaken identity and an injury for a city canine unit. the german shepherd is shot by a police officer during a violent chain of events. >> reporter: an active seen here in south baltimore,
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officer down. the injured is 5-year-old jer german shepherd blade brown. >> tough, tough guy. he actually walked in the door despite his injuries. >> reporter: hospital x rays show blade was shot in the shoulder. it was a city officer that pulled the trigger. patrol commanded him to go after a motorist who fled their vehicle on foot. the officer attacked was arriving from the opposite direction. by then the pursuit for the suspect had started and the dog thought he had found him. >> at the end of the day they go through countless hours of training but they are still animals. >> that's why some are concerned. >> it does worry, especially with the children in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but they say the public should rest assured that the 16 k-9s undergo training that costs 50 to 60,000 apiece. >> we will look into this,
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though. but there is no internal affairs issue here, no wrongdoing on the part of the dog or officer. >> reporter: police have not determined if blade will return to work. >> i don't know that he will be happy with anything else. we will make the best recommendations for his health situation. i think i see that in his future. >> dr. atkins says blade is lucky because the bullet missed his organs and joints which would have caused serious damage. >> thanks. the officer that shot blade was not injured. police are skiing anyone with information about the suspect to contact them. breaking news out of baltimore county. house fire in woodlawn. let's go to captain mike terry with more. >> we are in woodlawn. this is west park drive off windsor mill road. report of a drier fire in the basement area of this king letter family home. firefighters arrived just shortly after they were called
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to the scene. apparently there was smoke in the basement area. there is an injury to a person inside the home. apparently they suffered burns to their hands. it's not clear how significant that burn injury is but firefighters were able to quickly put out the drier fire. they do have west park drive completely closed in both directions. this is about a quarter mile east of windsor mill road. you can expect delays if you live in the neighborhood. >> thank you. the investigation into the stabbing of an off duty baltimore police officer resulted in a second person being charged. that incident happened outside of a strip club in baltimore county. denise is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: both suspects have been charged with teamghtd first-degree murder and assault on officer jansen. it happened outside of christina's female review. officer jansen was leaving the club when he was stabbed in the
5:33 pm
neck and back. he used his weapon to shoot glenn lansinger in the upper body. he is recovering at shock trauma where he was charged. on friday paul baumeiser was charged. a long time baltimore county crossing guard has been identified as the victim of a fatal house fire. it happened saturday afternoon on ewing drive. police say rose lee saltzman died in the blaze. investigators say her body was found on the second floor of the house. the two-alarm fire had engulfed the first floor by the time firefighters arrived. they say the cause of the fire was combustible materials left on top of the stove. the psychiatrist in maryland accused in the fort hood attack is conscious and able to speak tonight. investigators now want to know
5:34 pm
if major nidal hissan has ties to terrorist group. >> reporter: it's back to work at the nation's largest military base. fort hood leaders are trying to move forward from thursday's massacre. >> we are entering a new phase. this is where i am most concerned as commander of fort hood, the healing phase. >> reporter: lieutenant robert cone said it affected 600 people. 15 soldiers are in the hospital, eight in intensive care. for eyewitnesses, the rampage won't be easy to forget. >> i saw people running out of the medical pblg blg and the shooter came build when they were running in the field falling down. >> reporter: suspect major nidal hissan's condition is improving. he is breathing on his own and able to speak. investigators won't say if they questioned him. they believe hissan acted alone during the shooting but there are reports that he tried to
5:35 pm
contact al-qaeda two months ago. a web site praises hissan as a hero. on tuesday the base will stop to honor those wounded and killed in the attack. president obama will be here to lead the service. security is tight. the army stacked shipping containers three stories high for security and privacy. >> our intent is to get as many folks to fort hood who desire to come. >> reporter: they are assessing security and behavior within their own ranks. they say hissan was a soldier and clearly under stress. >> the maryland community is mourning the last of one of the victims, jay nita warman. she spent 20 years in active army duty. a suspected cleveland serial killer is indicted on rape and attempted murder charges. anthony sowell was indicted on
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a case that lead police to find the remains of 11 people in his home. he was charged with 11 felonies. he has been charged with five counts of aggravated murder in the case of the bodies and could face life in prison if convicted of the september attack. the house of representatives passes the health care reform bill leaving it up to the senate to make the next move. over the weekend the house passed the bill which includes a government run health plan known as the public option. harry reid needs 60 votes to move health care reform to a vote. the bill aims to expand coverage to 36 million uninsured americans. today marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. thousands came out to celebrate. as part of the celebration, over 1,000 dominos were knocked down to symbol liz the historic event. the structures were lined up along the wall the celebration
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took place in front of the gates and included a near works display. the large individually painted dominoes were painted by artists, locals and school groups in germany and abroad. pieces of the wall are in museums around the world. others reach as far as one man's home. >> reporter: while working in berlin, mike witnesses a significant moment in history and took pieces of it home. >> i just wanted to capture the moment of what was happening at the time. >> reporter: he began painting portions of the wall and chipping them off. three months later, he transported it all to america. >> i figured if i could have my own artwork and film it and take pictures of it, you couldn't dispute that's where these pieces came from. >> reporter: these pieces aren't light. this is 30-pound. altogether he has a ton and a quarter worth of the berlin
5:38 pm
wall. it was erected in 1961 and stood for 28 years separating the communist east and socialist west. on november 9th, 1989, east berlin's head of state announced the wall was coming down. it gave east germans more than freedom. >> great relief. they could see family and friends. >> reporter: historians estimate 200 people died trying to escape over the wall. >> they would open it up, stick the weapons through the hole and fire at anybody trying to escape. >> reporter: now 20 years later, he hopes these pieces go to a museum to share the history with everyone. >> in addition to the celebrations outside of brandenburg gate, thousands are visiting one of the few remaining stretches of the berlin wall places candles and flowers in memories of those who fought to take it down.
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where maryland ranks in a new study about spending on resources for pedestrian safety. the local radio host who traveled a travel book about romania. all of these stories and a lot more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. look for updated forecast from wjz's first warning team. with veteran's day two days away, a group of teens found out what it means to ab soldier in today's military. they built a they tear to -- theater to see the show letters home. >> reporter: 2,000 high school students learn about extra ordinary people. >> i am not having a good time here. this is an ugly land. >> reporter: the acclaimed production letters home. >> this is artistic expression
5:40 pm
about real world and what goes on in iraq and afghanistan. there is no candy coating it. >> what i wouldn't give to make it go a way to be with the two of you again. >> these are actors reading from real life letters sent home to their families. >> afghanistan is the worst of everything. a combination of tribalism and radical islam. >> education through live theater can be a powerful tool. >> emotional for me. >> it's safe to say i hate everything here. >> the more difficult part i had was how much they miss their family and they wait for mail. >> reporter: to get here, all the students had to write their letter to a soldier. there is hope when the light fades some will be touched. >> there are students that have never seen live theater before. it's something that they will remember their entire life. >> love and miss you all. >> may not have been perfect
5:41 pm
gram major but that's how we talked. in vietnam, that's the way we talked. >> you feel so awful. it's not so far way from home. there are people just like us. >> these are just some of the letters. next week these are all going to be sent out to a nonprofit group that makes sure they get in the hands of the soldiers serving overseas. >> thank you, mike. >> much of the cause for the $22,000 show came from the maryland humanities council. the students saw the performance for free. >> very good thing. still to come at 5:00, deadly curve. a big ridge off the bay bridge. could it have been prevented.
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>> it's like spring or late september around here. will it continue for one more day in one more warm day around here before it starts to cool off? >> it's still going to be warm but more clouds around from the start of the day. then as we head through the afternoon, not quite as warm as the last couple of days but topping out in the mid-60s. then tomorrow night there is the chance for a few showers or rain. we will be on the fringe of those remnants of ida. the rest of the five-day, here is bob. >> i think you could plan on some rain late tomorrow night, more likely wednesday. 66, 55, 54 with sunshine returning, 58 friday. these are normal temperatures. the weekend 60, partly to partly sun skies. not a bad start. in other news tonight, the california truck driver loses control of his bridge and
5:46 pm
plunges off the oakland bay bridge. the driver was killed. the truck flipped over a guardrail on the new curve and plunged below the bridge. it was closed for six days last month for a second repair of a structural failure. in the flu watch report, health officials are urging americans to get the swine and seasonal flu vaccine because it's the best way to protect yourself. a certain flu allergy could keep from you getting the vaccine. >> reporter: he has an egg allergy. he has to avoid certain foods. >> cakes, pancakes which i like but -- >> reporter: and me a have to avoid flu shots because the viruses of the h1n1 and seasonal flu vaccines are grown in egg. >> they may develop immediate
5:47 pm
symptoms, hives, itchy skin, redness, throat tightness. >> reporter: whether you can get a flu shot depends how bad your egg allergy is. they can perform a skin test by putting a small dose of vaccine on the skin then checking for a reaction. doctors say proper testing is key because many people think they have a food allergy when they may not. >> they may have food intolerance. >> reporter: if there is a severe allergy, you need to protect yourself. he hopes his tests show he can get the flu vaccine without a problem. >> when you are done with the flu, it takes a lot of time for you to recover. that's why i would like to get it. >> with record numbers coming down with the flu this season, it could be a long haul for
5:48 pm
anyone without protection karen brown, wjz, eyewitness news. the safety of your child's school lunch is a concern on capitol hill. lawmakers have asked for an investigation into how schools are being updated regarding recalled food products. earlier reports say schools were not told about the potentially tainted peanut products and vegetables. going green to save green. did you know that you can save money and protect the environment at the same time. here is mary bubala with ideas on how you can be an energy safer. >> here is a way to save energy. when you make dinner, if you own a natural gas stove, see blue flames. yellow flames indicate the gas is burning inefficiently and clearly wasting energy. adjustment needs to be made.
5:49 pm
call bge. if your stove is old and you need to purchase a natural gas oven or range, look for one with an automatic electric i go nirve shown -- ignition system. it will save gas. i'm mary bubala trying to help you be an energy safer. >> for more information, go to wjz kot com and click and click on the special section. hi, denise. >> marching orders. the federal government tells maryland and five other states what must be done to clean up the bay. and -- >> i'm vic carter, baltimore has reason to be proud of one young man from the east side of the city who now is a correspondent with the "cbs evening news." he is byron pittsburgh, pitts
5:50 pm
-- byron pitts. get ready to drool as we give you a look at the 12 annual chocolate week. chocolate covered bacon -- >> i'm not sure company get into that. >> but fans were treated with massages with chocolate. >> are you okay with the fact that you are not there? >> i want to know -- baltimore has events like that but a week? we need to take a page from that. >> impressive. >> yeah. >> eyewitness news eyewitness sports is -- eyewitness sports is next.
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these bengals are not cats.
5:54 pm
they have sharp claws. >> the peter part of a decade the ravens have been the bully and bengals the punching bag but roles are reversed. john harbaugh's offense averages 30 points beer game when they don't play the bengals. bengals defense had receivers blanketed. two interceptions yesterday. he has one touchdown in four xer exceptions in the two games he played against cincy. bengals were making big hits. well hit by jonathan joseph. flak could received some hits. he was sacked four times. ravens offense were coming off that performance against denver but shut down in cincy.
5:55 pm
marvin lewis. >> the reputation doesn't get you anything. so, it's what you do out here every sunday. not what you did last week. that doesn't count for anything. we don't worry about somebody's reputation. >> they made plays that helped them win the game. hats off to them. we are capable of putting things together that, you know, we can score points and win the game. unfortunately we weren't able to do enough today. we will be back. >> what would you say about cincinnati's defense. >> they were stout. they played the way they were supposed to play. they played the ball when it was in the air today. and that's what good defenses do. >> at a press conference, the coach points the finger at himself for the ravens struggles. we will hear from the coach in the 6:00 ravens report. they play at cleveland one week from tonight. in the sunday late game, philadelphia and dallas in a
5:56 pm
show down for first place. cowboys trailing fourth quarter. he finds miles austin. he finds a gap in the eagles defense and takes the toss 49 yards for the go ahead score. 20-16 final. dallas taking the first place in the division. more from coach harbaugh at 6:00. still to come tonight, the moment of truth for mayor she will will dickson. her criminal
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tracking ida, the tropical storm moves towards the united states. complete coverage on the potential impact. check for these stories and all of the breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. corruption, scandal at


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